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WaterFall Gutter Guard System

Crane Products Ltd., Columbus, Ohio, offers the WaterFall Gutter Guard System, a water management system that uses a unique design to eliminate clogged gutters and downspouts. It consists of a louvered vinyl guard with tiered steps installed across the top of the gutter under the ends of the first row of shingles. As rainwater flows off the roof and over the steps, it drains through holes into the gutter; while leaves, twigs and other debris fall over the steps onto the ground below.                               




Climbing ladders and reaching into, perhaps a wet, slimy narrow area, namely, the gutters, to retrieve leaves can result in a hazardous fall. ASG is a WaterFall Select Contractor and has the knowledege and experience to ensure proper installation. Click on this link to learn more about the benefits of using a WaterFall Select Contractor

WaterFall Gutter Guard Easy Installation:



The WaterFall Gutter Guard System is designed for easy installation on 4” and 5” K-style gutters.



The top edge of The WaterFall (Fig. B), slides under the first row of shingles on the roof.  Once the entire top edge of The WaterFall is under the shingles, the front edge of The WaterFall system will be pulled down so that it snaps onto the front edge of the gutter (Fig. B).



The end cap is installed after The WaterFall is in place.  The end cap will slide over the The WaterFall product. A screw or rivet may be placed through the tab and into WaterFall to secure the end cap.

Clean Installation

Waterfall Gutter Guard System:

Lowest installed cost

Easy new or aftermarket installation

No roof penetration. No nails. No screws.

Great low profile appearance

Durable vinyl same as siding

Won’t crack or dent like aluminum

High rain capacity

The WaterFall Gutter Guard System is backed by a limited five-year warranty that covers material defects.

Screen Shot: Project BOB



Before WaterFall Gutter Guard Installation





After WaterFall Gutter Guard Installation